Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I don't like doing laundry... But I can't say that I particularly dislike it either. But just being a single person with a dog and occasional visitors I can go a ridiculous amount of time without washing more than possibly a load of sheets or towels. I generally wait until I am out of a vital piece of clothing until I bother to wash.

When I was getting ready for my trip I realized I needed to wash reds so I would have a specific shirt I wanted to take. As I started digging through the red/orange section of my divided hamper, I found Christmas pajama pants. Nice. Yes that does mean it has been that long since I washed that color family of clothing.

Later on I was looking for long sleeve t-shirts and realized they must still be in one of those pesky boxes I never unpacked. As I dug through the boxes, I found clothes that were dirty back in March that had been packed by the movers... And they were not miraculously cleaner after sitting in the bottom of a box since March. I am pretty sure this is a sign I have way way too many clothes.


Last November I decided it was time for me to move on to a new job and a new city. With good timing, the Lord and some good friends on my side it all worked out. In February I quit my old job. In March I started my new one and shortly thereafter I moved and sold my old house.

This past Sunday, I finally breathed what is hopefully the last major sigh of relief related to this move. You see, ever since I left my old job I have been continuing to work for them on a part time contractor basis. I was happy to do this to help ease the transition, and the extra spending money has been nice too.

I have written several reports and training manuals and late Sunday night I emailed the last one off. While this work has not consumed every free moment of every night and weekend, having this sense of dread at coming home from work just to work some more has been nagging and paralyzing - keeping me from enjoying the free time I did have.

But now, FINALLY I have my freedom. My contract runs out today and no one has mentioned renewing it. AHHHHHHH!!!! I am so excited!!

I did love my old job but I left my old job for my own specific reasons and seven months of distance has not made me forget that. So the relief I have felt has been wonderful!!

I would say "what will I do with all my free time?" but I assure you that will not be a problem. I hope to be around here a little more. I plan to finish unpacking those last boxes I never unpacked in March. And the monogramming season for Christmas is just about to pick up. I can't wait to update my website and share some of that with you - my roughly 12 readers.

But first - a few days of camping, resting and relaxing that happen to coincide with my new found freedom. So if you don't see me around for the next few days, don't assume I have fallen back into my old ways - just assume my only Internet is via my iPhone.