Thursday, January 15, 2009

When the kids take the camera...

Earlier this week Amberly and her family came over for dinner and to see my new toys. I treated myself to a new home theatre system to accompany the PS3 my parents got me for my birthday... and this was the first major showing.

Abby Grace and Nathan had no particular interest in the TV most of the night and so here is what the budding photographers did to entertain themselves.

I promise they put themselves in there and could have gotten themselves out at any point.

Once they let themselves back out, they were off with the camera. The next morning I found these on my camera.

Not the worst picture of me ever taken.

Not her best side.

A cute pic of the almost five year old.

Brun's nose.

Pin art is always a big hit with this crowd.

He's Amberly's problem. :-)

Brun retreated to the closet for a few moments of peace and quiet and camped out on my pj's. Apparently he should have looked for a better hiding place.

Piglet might be blinded for life.
I love digital cameras. These pictures crack me up!

30... years old that is

Last week I turned 30. I absolutely love birthdays and this one was no different. It was spent with good friends and family and it was shared with others who wanted to be there but couldn't. Even though gifts are not what a birthday is all about I got some great ones.

My aunt surprised me with balloons on my mailbox. Leslie bought me a great North Face jacket and even delivered to my house (over an hour away from her house!). Ashley got me some great soap, bags and hair/bath accessories from Bath and Body Works. My parents got me a PS3 that doubles as a fabulous blu-ray player, a new pair of tennis shoes and a cake from my favorite bakery in my hometown. Amberly and her family surprised me with an impromptu family birthday party including my very own cookie cake, a wonderfully warm new robe, a pedicure I am saving for flip flop season and another of my favorites... sweet tart hearts! Here is the cookie cake they made me.

Thanks to all of you who made my birthday so special! It was great!!!!! The most creative and in some ways best gift I will have to save for another post. :-)

Apparently you are supposed to feel older or different somehow when you hit a new decade. Well I don't and that's perfectly fine with me. 29 was a year filled with a lot of change - some bad, mostly good - so here's hoping 30 is a little more settled. At 30 years and 6 days... so far so good.

12... degrees that is

Seriously?!?! Are you kidding me?? 12 whole degrees Fahrenheit is the predicted low for tonight. I live in Alabama for crying out loud! My brother is in Alaska for work (more on that later) and it is warmer there than here. This is so not fair. I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow... I am so not going to want to get out of my nice warm bed in the morning.

If it is going to be this cold we should at least get snow out of it!