Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to Prevent Sliding Off Your Cot When Camped on the Side of a Hill

Last time I actually wrote a real post, I was camping. My dad and I were at Road Atlanta for the Petit LeMans Sports car race. We have been doing this almost ever year since 2001 and it's basically a week long event. The "real" race is actually a ten hour race on Saturday starting in the morning and ending at night. There are support races and practices throughout the week so we camp out for the week starting on about Tuesday. The camping is in the infield... but it's not the infield that some of your are picturing at Talladega or Daytona. It's basically the woods and hills overlooking the 2.54 mile road course. We always camp in the same general area but never seem to get in exactly the same spot.

We arrived this year on Tuesday night and started setting up our tent. It was dark by that point but we had a pretty good idea of where we were camping and thought we would be fine. We got the tent set up, set up our cots and put our sleeping bags on top of our respective cots. When it was time to go to bed, I crawled in my sleeping bag and immediately began sliding down my cot. Problem. It wasn't particularly cold at that point, so I got out of my sleeping bag, laid on the cot and just covered up with my sleeping bag. I still was not at a particularly comfortable angle... but at least I wasn't falling off the cot.

I woke up about 2 AM and I was once again hanging off the end of the cot and I was FREEZING!!! Note to self... it gets cold at night in North Georgia. (Yes Bryan and Wren, I realize this is nowhere close to as cold as the weather both of you have camped in.) :-) I curled into the fetal position in an attempt to stay on the end of my cot for the rest of the night. I woke up multiple times throughout the time falling off my cot and freezing. And about 6 AM I finally woke up and realized I could turn my cot at about a 30 degree angle... which helped.

When I finally got up for good and got out of bed I was not happy. I was not looking forward to falling out of my cot every night. So at some point later that day we went to Wal Mart and bought a rug pad. We also bought a pair of scissors and cut it in half... half for me and half for my dad. SUCCESS!! On Wednesday night, with a rug pad between my sleeping bag and my cot I did not slide off of my cot.

So if you ever find yourself camped on the side of a hill and sliding off your cot... find your nearest Wal Mart and buy a rug pad. Although... if you do find yourself in that situation, I am probably going to question your sanity. I certainly questioned ours.

Two Years (and One Month) Ago

Well I am officially one month late with this post... but two years and one month seemed like an appropriate time to post. On September 28, 2006, this little guy arrived in the world.

Recognize him? That's Classic Rock Baby aka my Godson and "nephew." I am a terrible Godmother and adopted aunt and I did not see him on his second birthday but rumor has it the garbage truck I got him was a big hit. Hopefully he enjoyed his copy of Robin Hood too... I know it has always been one of my favorite Disney movies.

I can't believe it has already been two years. It seems like only yesterday. While his parents might disagree sometimes :-), I think he is growing up too fast.

Since I didn't see him on his second birthday, I thought I would share one of my favorite pictures. This was actually taken back in May... right after his mom got a Wii Fit. CRB wanted to play too and he got the hang of it in a hurry.

So happy two year and one month birthday Classic Rock Baby!! Come see your Aunt Kerri soon!!!

And before I lose my rights as a sister, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that today was my little brother's 28th Birthday. Happy Birthday Wren!

Hope you got your birthday card... and while you did not get a garbage truck or copy of Robin Hood, I hope you can use the Bed, Bath and Beyond Gift Card. Ashley said you needed to buy some stuff for your house and I thought that would be better than a food gift card. Please take Ashley with you to the store to pick them out. I'm not saying you have bad taste... I'm just saying Ashley has better taste. :-)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Posts You Should Have Read

I am the laziest blogger around. I am not making any more excuses for it. I still want to blog... I just don't ever seem to make it that far on my to do list for the day.

So here are a few topics you missed that I should have blogged about.

"How to Prevent Sliding Off Your Cot When Camped on the Side of a Hill"

"Tony Kannan Liked My Shirt!!!!!!!"

"Has It Really Been Two Years Already?"

"She's Going to Hit My Car... Surely She's Going to Stop... SHE HIT MY BRAND NEW BEAUTIFUL CAR!!!!!!"

"How Am I Supposed to Label Eight Things with Five Labels... or... Why My Secretary Hates Me"

"I Gained Freedom and Got Sucked Back In (By Choice)"

"I Actually Updated My Website!"

"Where Did All These Leaves Come From?"

And hey... hopefully some of these posts will still show up. What do you care if these things happened today or a month ago. Most of you don't know the difference. :-)

I think I'll go write a couple of them now while I'm camped out at the computer.