Monday, October 27, 2008

Posts You Should Have Read

I am the laziest blogger around. I am not making any more excuses for it. I still want to blog... I just don't ever seem to make it that far on my to do list for the day.

So here are a few topics you missed that I should have blogged about.

"How to Prevent Sliding Off Your Cot When Camped on the Side of a Hill"

"Tony Kannan Liked My Shirt!!!!!!!"

"Has It Really Been Two Years Already?"

"She's Going to Hit My Car... Surely She's Going to Stop... SHE HIT MY BRAND NEW BEAUTIFUL CAR!!!!!!"

"How Am I Supposed to Label Eight Things with Five Labels... or... Why My Secretary Hates Me"

"I Gained Freedom and Got Sucked Back In (By Choice)"

"I Actually Updated My Website!"

"Where Did All These Leaves Come From?"

And hey... hopefully some of these posts will still show up. What do you care if these things happened today or a month ago. Most of you don't know the difference. :-)

I think I'll go write a couple of them now while I'm camped out at the computer.


Vader's Mom said...

No not the car is a blog post close to my heart. I had to change my route home because I kept getting hit driving home the other way. So sad!

Glad to see you around :)

Leslie said...

I love your collection of titles, but I am very bothered by the car one. What happened??

Amberly said...

What do you mean you got sucked back in??? Seriously?? You failed to mention that to me! So much for your new found freedom!