Saturday, September 29, 2007

Apples, Apples Everywhere!!!!

After my parent's wreck the only thing that mom was really worried about was the fact that she had all of these apples that she was planning to do things with that were going to go bad before she felt like dealing with them. You see, they have apple trees on their property and for whatever reason they had TONS of apples this year. Given the dry summer we had, none of us thought that there would be any apples but we were wrong.

I wanted to do what I could to help mom after the accident so I offered to take all of the apples to my house and take care of them by making, and then freezing and/or giving items away. Well that was over two weeks ago and there are STILL apples all over my house!

As of right now I have made 12 apple pies... totally from scratch... including the crust.
Here is a picture of one of them:

I have also cooked and frozen a good many apples to go with meals throughout the year. I enjoy the apples and I LOVE apple pies... and I am happy to be able to do something to help but I think these things are multiplying in my refrigerator. Is that possible? :-) They are still filling my fridge and I feel like I am never going to get them all cooked.

Hopefully I will get to all of them before they ruin. Anyone know any good apple recipes? :-)


Amberly said...

Wow! I'm impressed! What a beautiful pie!!

annie said...

A friend of mine made jarred apple pie filling that she gave out for Christmas. Everyone really liked them!
That's a lot of pies! Very pretty!

originalbryan said...

Ok, at first you're not going to be sure about this idea, but lets face it, those apples are going to start rotting.
Your solution? Right here:

Find a nice spot a safe distance from a playground or some grazing cows and let your imagination do the rest. :)

Totallyscrappy said...

That pie is so pretty I think I can smell it's cinnamon-y goodness from here!
How 'bout making apple butter. Just today a friend and I were discussing apple butter. Of course, if make a batch of apple butter, you are going to have to make a batch of biscuits...
I pray that your parents make a complete recovery.

Vader's Mom said...

I want to come over and have pie. Do you still have any??