Friday, October 12, 2007

A moment of Nostalgia

18 years ago today, one of my favorite people on the planet was born. I have blogged about L. before when I talked about my first job. Well today is her 18th birthday.

Her family did not live in my hometown when L. was born so I haven't known her quite 18 years... but they moved into town when she was around 9 months old... so I feel like I have known her her whole life.

I'm not always sure why people come into your life and stay there but I am sure glad that L. is a part of mine. When she goes off to college somewhere next year I will miss seeing her and sitting with her at church when I go home... but maybe there is still some chance I can convince her she should move to the town where I live so I will get to see her even more often.

I was so proud of her this past Monday night. She competed in the Junior Miss Contest (they don't call it a beauty pageant... but a scholarship contest). She didn't win but she did a great job, had a great time and looked absolutely beautiful. Here is a picture of both of us Monday night.

Happy 18th Birthday L!!!

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Vader's Mom said...

You are both beautiful! Happy Birthday L!