Thursday, January 15, 2009

When the kids take the camera...

Earlier this week Amberly and her family came over for dinner and to see my new toys. I treated myself to a new home theatre system to accompany the PS3 my parents got me for my birthday... and this was the first major showing.

Abby Grace and Nathan had no particular interest in the TV most of the night and so here is what the budding photographers did to entertain themselves.

I promise they put themselves in there and could have gotten themselves out at any point.

Once they let themselves back out, they were off with the camera. The next morning I found these on my camera.

Not the worst picture of me ever taken.

Not her best side.

A cute pic of the almost five year old.

Brun's nose.

Pin art is always a big hit with this crowd.

He's Amberly's problem. :-)

Brun retreated to the closet for a few moments of peace and quiet and camped out on my pj's. Apparently he should have looked for a better hiding place.

Piglet might be blinded for life.
I love digital cameras. These pictures crack me up!


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I think they captured their dad perfectly. :)

Amberly said...

That's hilarious! Hubby had made the pic of him my desktop background and, remembering the kids playing with your camera, I said, "Did Kerri send you this?" He said that he'd gotten it off your blog--which I hadn't seen yet! I was rolling at your comment about him!

Carrie said...

I gave my camera to an 8 year old recently at a wedding. I loved seeing the pictures from his point of view.

Leslie said...

crazy fun times!

Totallyscrappy said...

I love when I find pics that my kids have taken... mostly when I wasn't looking.

Anonymous said...

Cool Labradoodle. We also have one... she is a standard labradoodle. Great personality, likes to be on the go... we walk constantly!

mommyloveval said...

Iove the pictures of Brun. He looks like lots of fun!