Saturday, August 4, 2007

I never win anything... and today is no exception

This coming Sunday night in my hometown there is a pretty impressive rock band coming to town. I was not impressed enough to buy tickets but I was fairly interested in going. So a week or two ago I entered a contest online for free tickets. I never win anything... and so I entered and really never thought about it again.

Well I was out of town all of this week and when I got back to my house in my hometown on Friday afternoon I checked my answering machine. Sure enough I had won the tickets to the concert! Unfortunately I had to pick up the tickets in my hometown by Thursday afternoon. I am so dumb... I don't know why I didn't give them my cell phone number instead of my home number. They called back on Friday and left another message and said that they were going to have to go on to another name on the list.

So now I am pouting about winning the tickets but not actually getting the tickets. :-( From now on I will give people my cell phone number when important things like concert tickets are on the line.