Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend Reflections

I haven't been very diligent with participating in Weekend Reflections recently but I will try to do better.

Last Sunday night I was talking to my friend Andrew at church and he asked if I had heard about the meteor shower that night. I had not but I told him that he and whoever were welcome to come over to the house later and watch. I live a little bit out of town and have a relatively big yard for us to hang out in. Andrew came over about 9 and a few other friends came over around 10:30. Andrew and I laid in the lounge chairs in the back yard for three hours. We only saw about 10 meteors in those three hours... but oh well. It was fun and Andrew and I got a chance to catch up. It is not very often that I take three hours to relax, talk and enjoy the beauty of God's creation... I should do it more often.

On Monday, I got some great news. I was happy to find out that my Uncle was able to go home from the hospital. He had been in the hospital for about a week but was finally doing well enough that they let him go home. I have been really worried about him but he is continuing to do better.

Tuesday night I headed to my hometown for work. I was there for meetings and to teach a class on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday after I got home I had a lot of work to do. I have a major report due this week and so I worked on that until about 2 AM. Friday we had visitors so I got to go out to a nice lunch with people from my work.

This weekend no one was at the house other than Brun and I. Fortunately he let me sleep in Saturday morning and to "reward" him I took him to the vet to have his nails trimmed. He hates going to the vet so he was mad at me the rest of the day. Saturday morning and afternoon I worked on lots of sewing projects that I had been putting off. I also went to a wedding shower on Saturday afternoon for a couple at church. Overall it was a productive and relaxing day... my favorite kind of day.

This week I am thankful for friends that are coming back to town after being gone all summer. I am thankful that my Uncle is doing better. I am also thankful for the rain that we got yesterday... it was much needed. I hope everyone else had a great week! For more Weekend Reflection, visit Judi at Mommy of Two.


Vader's Mom said...

Relaxing. Just a way weekends are meant to be.

lizard queen said...

Glad to hear your uncle is doing better. Having an illness in the family is stressful. I heard about the meteor shower. Did you wish on any of the stars?