Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Tour of Homes

As usual, I am late for the blog party... but I will play along anyways. Welcome to the "Living with a Labradoodle" household and all it's Christmas decorations!

I hope you arrive at night so you can see the front yard in all of it's glory. It really does qualify for "The Tacky Light Tour" but I enjoy it. :-)

The snow globe is having some condensation problems... so in case you can't tell that's Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Let's go inside...

When you first come in the front door, you will see a small table filled a little village. Next to it on the floor is a Christmas tree that I painted a few years ago and a stuffed Snowman from the Hallmark store.

I have placed house ornaments and some of my favorite car ornaments on the table... along with a few other ornaments that didn't have a good spot. One of my favorite houses is this one that I have dubbed "The Tacky Light Christmas Tour House." It lights up and plays various Christmas songs.

As you make your way past the front door, you will likely notice the fireplace.

It is covered in singing Snowman and has a stocking carefully hung for both Brun and I. On the hearth are some glass blocks filled with lights that I made last year. Just to the right of the fireplace is a cool card display that my mom got for me this year.

If you try to sit on the couch to enjoy a little TV, you won't have much of a place to prop you feet. The coffee table is covered in decorations as well.

Need a snack? Well I haven't had time to prepare anything for you, but if you make your way into the kitchen you are welcome to ohh and ahh over my dying poinsettias and the gingerbread house that my roommate and I made Thanksgiving night. The poinsettias are not long for this world but I do think the gingerbread house turned out quite well.

The next to last stop on this event is a bit unusual.

Years ago, my grandfather built this covered bridge. He was a Civil Engineer and loved the covered bridges of Alabama. This is a perfect scale model of one of the bridges here in Alabama. Well when we were cleaning out my grandparent's house this was one of the few things that I really, truly wanted. It sits on the top of the bookshelf all year round, but I think it is such a neat piece and so this year I made it a part of my Christmas decorations.

The last stop is the main event... the Christmas tree.

This year I actually had time to get all of my ornaments on the tree. I am very particular about the tree. I only allow Hallmark ornaments on the tree and they all have special places where thy have to go. Ornaments that have wings, involve space travel or are meant to be in the sky must go at the top of the tree.

Ornaments that have wheels or are meant to travel on land or water in some way must go at the bottom of the tree.

Then my favorite ornaments go on the front middle. These are primarily the dog picture ornaments as well as some Snoopy and Pooh ornaments.

Thanks for joining me on the tour. Be careful as you leave. Brun likes to sleep with his head under the tree.... so try not to wake him.

I hope you all enjoyed the tour of our house. Thanks to BooMama for hosting such a great event! I can't wait to come and see all of your decorations!!


Meghan said...

I enjoyed the tour!
Cute, cute stuff.

Lauren said...

Very cute!

Amy said...

I would treasure that bridge too!

Pedaling said...

wow - your tree wins the prize - beautiful.
i love your dog too!

Nadine said...

The outside looks great. Your tree is beautiful and so full. Merry Christmas.

Dawn said...

Very beautiful house!!!

I too collect villages, mainly from the Dollar Tree but hey, they are just as good as those fancy ones from Hallmark :-)

I do have a small snowman collection myself...when I say small I mean like 5 figurines...LOL.

Your tree is stunning...how big is it??? Look gigantic...LOL.

Ours is 6 foot and it looks so tiny. I think the box lied...I think it's maybe 5.5 feet...LOL.

Thank you for allowing me a tour of your home!!!

Merry Christmas from Dawn in Germany!

Anonymous said...

My kids would LOVE your outside decorations! I like your little Tacky Christmas House. It is cute! Your tree looks great as well, and I love your design for where the ornaments go. :)

Amberly said...

You front door and stoop look so pretty! Love that big wreath! I'm not sure I knew that you ONLY put Hallmark ornaments on your tree! Ooops! Just when you think you know someone... Maybe you can hang the Brun ornament elsewhere! HA!

Totallyscrappy said...

I loved stopping by. I'm still laughing about your poinsetta. Come to my house... you won't find a live plant anywhere!

lizard queen said...


I loved the tour. Your home is decorated beautifully!

Vader's Mom said...

What a wonderful tour. You are a gracious hostess.

I love your tree!! It's amazing.

Talysa said...

Ok, I had to say hello to anyone with any dog with any fraction of poodle in it...especially Standard...as you can see at our blog we have 2 Standards and I may be a bit biased but I happen to think they are the sweetest dogs on the Earth...and the cutest...and your Brun is ADORABLE!!!! Oh my I could just squeeze his oversized neck! Ok, enough gushing over your beautiful boy....

First of all, I almost cried a bit,ok, I did cry a bit at the covered bridge...I loved my paw paw more than anyone in the world and I so wish i had something of his like that to display in my home....so happy for you that you have such a precious gift.

Secondly, I see I have run into a fellow perfectionist....LOVE the ornaments! Cracked me up! As you could also read in my blog, I am so compulsive about where they go that I went behind my poor kids after they put them on the tree and went to bed and rearranged them all! I'm HORRIBLE!

Thanks for the tour! Give that pooch of yours a hug for me!