Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Barrett-Jackson Auction

I mentioned in my 100th post that some day I would like to go to the Barrett-Jackson auction and buy a car. Well this week is the week for those who, like me, are easily amused and don't have anything else to watch on TV. :-) I also don't have anything to blog about so I am blogging about this.

Tonight Speed TV started their 6 days and 39 hours of coverage. I love it!! :-) I will likely become bored with it in a few days but I have been somewhat sickly since one day last week and have been getting worse as opposed to better. So this is perfect lay on the couch and do nothing TV watching. It doesn't require any brain power and it's fun to watch people spend ridiculous amounts of money on cars. The high dollar cars (like $1 million and up) won't be until this weekend... the ones earlier in the week are much more reasonable.

So if you like cars, have nothing to do (or don't feel like doing a whole lot) and nothing to watch on TV, I highly recommend the Barrett-Jackson auction. I blame Leslie for getting me started watching it. A few years ago she came over to make Valentine's Day wreaths and she asked "Have you been watching this stuff?" At the time I had no idea what she was talking about but now I look forward to watching it every year. I do not know enough about it to be able to predict how much the cars are going to go for... some things that look like pieces of junk will go for more than $50,000 and some that look beautiful will go relatively cheap. It's crazy... but I enjoy it.

I honestly hope that you have more going on this week than I do and don't have time to watch Barrett-Jackson auctions for 39 hours... but just in case... I thought I would throw this out there. :-)

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