Saturday, January 19, 2008


For at least a week they have been predicting we would have snow this weekend. Sometime Thursday I really started believing them and got my hopes up that we would have a Winter Wonderland on Saturday morning!

Ppphhew!!! It was lame! Brun woke me up at 3:30 AM (as usual) and I saw rain... no snow. That didn't surprise me since it wasn't supposed to turn into snow until around sunrise. I woke up again at 7 AM and saw this:

I was not particularly impressed and neither was Brun. There was snow on the wicker rocker and the patio chairs but nothing on the grass and nothing falling out of the sky. But it seemed like it was going to snow more and wall to wall coverage on the local news indicated that more was coming. So we went back to bed until about 8:30.

This time when we got up it was finally snowing!! Really snowing... well sort of.

Here is Brun being brave in the blizzard. Trust me... it seemed like a blizzard to him.
It actually kept snowing for quite awhile... really picking up at times and starting to stick to the grass.

Here it was at about the maximum accumulation of snow. It wasn't enough to make a snowman or even a snowball really.

It really built up on the fence for a little bit so I guess I could have scraped off enough snow to make a snowball but I opted to just look at it and take its picture instead.

It probably stopped by around 11ish and was melted by about 12:30. They say we got half an inch but I think it is pushing it to say that we got that much at my house.

It was certainly far from the winter wonderland I was hoping for. It was just enough to get everyones hopes up and to derail the plans for Sarah and Abby Grace's birthday party. When it came time to make a final decision about driving a little over an hour to the party, the snow was really coming down and they were talking about icing starting on some elevated roads and bridges. So I assume that some version of the party went on without me but I hate that I missed it. Hopefully I can deliver the presents and visit with them next week.

It doesn't take a lot to get people in Alabama excited about snow. It's been at least six or seven years since I have seen any... hopefully it won't be that long until we see some more.


Amberly said...

Yeah, it was a whole lotta hype for not a lotta snow! Since it all melted, we've pretty much changed into our pjs and done nothing but play! I guess there's worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon!

See you Thursday!

Totallyscrappy said...

South Carolina saw a bit of snow last Wednesday and then we got some last night as well. We couldn't make a snowball either, but the look on the boys' faces was worth it!

Anonymous said...

I know you were missed at the party! Sorry you got a lot of hype and not much to enjoy!

lizard queen said...

It was just a tease! maybe you will get some real snow soon.