Saturday, April 12, 2008

If you have Photoshop

I have a full blown version of Photoshop thanks to my old job. When I left, I asked if they wanted it back and they said "not right now." Whoo hoo!!!!!!

I know very, very little about how to use Photoshop... it's really quite a shame because I know it is a very powerful program that you can do lots of things with. It's not the easiest program in the world to use and so I have not devoted the time required to learn how to use it.

When I saw that Pioneer Woman was going to release some actions for Photoshop I was very excited about them. If you happen to have Photoshop, I highly recommend going and downloading these. They are totally free and as best I can tell very cool and open up lots of options for editing photographs while continuing in your lack of Photoshop understanding. They apparently do not work with Photoshop Elements but she is planning to release some actions for that soon.

I started playing with these actions this afternoon and I thought I would show you my first shot at it. I didn't have any cool photos with me that I wanted to mess with at the moment, so I stole this beautiful picture of Sarah from Amberly's site (I didn't ask permission... I hope she won't mind. :-)
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this picture straight out of the camera and I would love to print it off just as it is. But when I started playing with it I came up with this. I may have taken some of it too far but like I said it was my first attempt.

I hope to find some time in my schedule to start messing with Photshop a little bit more. I have always known it was cool but if someone does most of the "hard stuff" for me, that makes it that much more appealing.


Amberly said...

Oh, that is very cool! I'm anxiously awaiting Pioneer Woman's actions for Elements.

And you know I don't mind you stealing from my site! :)

Anonymous said...

I really need to get Photoshop, but I will probably get Elements for money reasons. I am a little afraid to get it though because I can see myself spending hours doing that instead of things I should be doing! :)