Saturday, April 12, 2008

One Sunday Afternoon

I know I am super late with this post but the pictures were too cute not to share.

My Sunday afternoons are usually filled with a nap and some NASCAR watching. Sunday afternoon before last (so almost two weeks ago) I had a much more eventful afternoon. Amberly had just had her surgery and with her hubby out of town for the afternoon she had asked if I could take Nathan to have his baseball pictures made. I was happy to help out and get to experience the zoo that is dozens of six to eight year old boys running around and just generally being six to eight year old little boys. They were not being bad at all, just being kids. We successfully got Nathan's individual and team picture made and were back to the house in about 30 minutes. I don't think the official pictures have arrived yet but the team picture should look something like this (but in better focus and from a better angle).

After I dropped Nathan off at home and played kitchen with Abby Grace for a few minutes, I headed back to my house. Shortly after I got home, Leslie, Toolman and CRB came by. They had been in town to run some errands and to try and get Leslie's car fixed. Well CRB has always loved Brun and that Sunday was no exception.

Now I love CRB, but as most 18 month olds tend to do, they like to find trouble. When he headed for Brun's food bowl I could see Science Diet Lamb and Rice poop in his diaper future for days. Well Brun, who never wants to miss anything that might be going on in his house, was close on the heels of CRB.

Contrary to what I feared, CRB didn't want to eat the dog food, he wanted to feed it to Brun. So morsel by morsel, he picked the food up out of the bowl and put it in Brun's mouth.

Not once did Brun bite too closely or "snatch" the food from CRB. He gently took each bit, gobbled it down and waited patiently for the next one. When CRB dropped one morsel in the water bowl, he quickly fished it out and gave it to Brun anyways. CRB must have decided that Brun liked his food a little mushy because at that point he began dunking each bite in the water before he fed it to Brun.

I am pretty sure the two of them might have done this all day but the fun was cut short when I had to get ready for church and Leslie, Toolman and CRB headed for home.

I'll take my nap and NASCAR any Sunday afternoon but days like this one were a lot more special and more memorable.


Vader's Mom said...

Baseball is fun, but CRB and Brun are SO CUTE!!!

Amberly said...

Thanks again for taking Nathan. You saved the day!!

And the pics of CRB are so cute! I think he looks just like his mommy in the last picture!