Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Works for me Wednesday - Pet Edition

Labradoodles can be very strong dogs. When I take Brun for a walk he tends to try to take my arm off with him. :-) I have found this leash to be a life saver when taking a strong or overly excited dog on a walk.

It is a wonderful leash with an easy to grip handle (similar to a water ski grip) and a shock absorber in the leash. I got mine when I was on a trip to Australia from the Big Dog Leash Co. I have the Cujo 25" with an extension.

But if you don't want to order a leash from Australia and pay the exorbitant shipping costs, there is a company here in the United States that has a very similar leash. The company is Ezy Dog and in the past they have sold these at Target. I find this leash to be a bit stiffer than the one from Big Dog Leash Company but it is a great leash as well.

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Mrs.B. said...

Thanks so much, I didn't know there was anything like this available!

I think Labradoodles are so CUTE!! I have a Golden, Lab, and an Akita/Shepard mix. (o:


Terrific Teens said...

Great idea. I have a huge chocolated lab that is very excitable on a walk. I will look into these.

lizard queen said...

I think you need to have get the dog whisperer's book so that Brun can walk with you and your arm can remain in it's socket! LOL! He looks like such a sweetie.