Saturday, June 16, 2007


So today Leslie and I were out shopping at our local mall. We wandered in Bath and Body Works looking for this bag that we thought they might have on sale. As we walked towards the back of the store I might have screamed (or at least gasped) when I saw these!

In my Photo Hunters from last week I mentioned these shoes but at the time I didn't think that any store in my area carried them. I was totally shocked when they actually had them and they actually had them in my size!!

Of course Leslie and I had to buy them. They were only $40... $5 less than most places online. It is more than I usually spend on flip flops but if it's foot wear and a work out all in one you can't beat that. :-) Check out their website if you want to read more about them.

I plan on wearing them this week while I am teaching class so hopefully I will have nice, skinny legs in one week or less. :-)


Leslie said...

I have to say that you did scream in delight or at least squeal. My guess is between the two of us it kinda sounded like Bid Day... I am going to try to figure out how to take a "before" picture of my legs. I can say that I already do feel my calves and booty just a bit.

Leslie said...

By the way if you google Fit Flops and you read the description it says "Get Longer Leaner Legs"

I cannot belive we are going to be taller too ;-)

Amberly said...

Ooh, a good way to tone your legs without too much work. I might have to splurge!!

Lu said...

So cool! I can't believe they were at Bath and Body Works! Neato! Love your flip flop collection!