Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Roomba's First Run

This is my new "friend" the Roomba Discovery. If you remember my Weekend Reflection post from a couple of weeks ago, I bought him on in the most recent Woot Off. Given how much I have been gone from home, I finally got the chance to run him last Saturday. I thought I should be home the first time it ran just to see how it worked. It was actually faster and quieter than I thought it would be.

It ran into no major problems and it returned to it's base to charge itself when it was full or when the battery was low... whichever came first. It doesn't have a terribly large bin for the stuff it picks up but I was still thoroughly impressed! So impressed that I did not feel compelled to run my Dyson to pick up any remaining dirt when it finished its run. I am not a big fan of cleaning but vacuuming is one task that I don't hate.

However, I don't have time to vacuum as often as I would like and I think that the Roomba is going to be the perfect solution! All I have to do is hit one button and it will run while I am out and about. It even gets under things like the Love Seat that I can't easily get under with the Dyson.

I left it running Sunday morning while I was at church and it got caught on a bad spot on the carpet. That wasn't the Roomba's fault and it just waited for me to come home and attend to it. I tried again Sunday night while I was at church and it ran with no trouble. It was safely resting on it's base waiting for it's next adventure.

I love gadgets so this one is right up my alley. It helps keep the house cleaner and it requires little work on my part. It's really cute too. :-) It plays a little song when it starts and it has a little rotating brush that helps it to know when it has run into a wall or a piece of furniture. Now I just have to come up with a name for it... any ideas?

I'm also not sure how Brun is going to react to it. He is terrified of the Dyson and goes to the opposite side of the house and hides. This one can "chase" him around the house so my guess is that he will hate it. I may have to limit its run to times when Brun is outside. I'll report on that next time I run it when he is around.


Vader's Mom said...

I can't wait to hear how Brun handles it. Vader trys to tackle our vacuum now. He'd probably attack that one and destroy it...or he'd run and hide in his kennel. You can never tell with him.

Amberly said...

When you're ready to let go of Dyson and be completely monogamous with Roomba, we could make room for him here! ;-)

Linsey said...

I just got a Roomba for my birthday. I SO love that thing!! Our friends laugh at me b/c I keep saying, "I leave and return home to a freshly vacuumed floor!" It is the greatest thing since sliced bread! lol :-) Hope you enjoy your as much as I do! :-)