Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Reflections

Well it’s been another good… and of course busy week. Last Sunday was Father’s Day. I was blessed with a wonderful father who puts up with my whining, and who along with my mom always gets to see my worst side. We have had a lot of great memories over the years and I am very lucky to have a father who loves me so much… despite all of my faults. My parents were in the town where I live on Sunday and so we went to church and then out to lunch. Mom left to go back home Sunday afternoon and Dad stayed until Monday.

On Monday, it was a typical work day and then my dad and I headed back to my hometown. On Tuesday, I was back in Selma for Week #3 of my work in Selma. On Tuesday evening we also went out for my mom’s birthday. Her birthday wasn't until Thursday but since I was in town we celebrated on Tuesday night. We went to a great local seafood place and ate some awesome shrimp.

I mentioned that I have a wonderful dad… well I also have a wonderful mom. I know we may all but heads from time to time, but I love them both so much and I am very lucky to have them as a continuing part of my life. For my mom’s birthday, my brother and I went together and got her a Scooba. Like the Roomba, it is a floor cleaning robot… but this one mops for you. She was very excited about her gift.

Thursday I finished Week #3 in Selma (halfway… yea!!) and headed back to the town where I live. I left Brun at my parent’s house and even though I miss him a lot, I know he is having a great time hanging out in the country with their dogs.

Thursday night I tried to catch up a little around the house and then Friday it was back to work. I made an eye appointment for Friday afternoon because (a) I am out of contacts and (b) by making an appointment on Friday afternoon I forced myself to leave work early. The eye appointment went fine and then I came home, took a nap and hung out at home Friday night.

Saturday I didn't set the alarm and since Brun wasn't home I got to sleep as late as I wanted. I still got up by 9 or so but it was nice to be able to sleep in. Saturday was filled with laundry and cleaning and errand running.

This week I am very thankful for my wonderful parents who love me, put up with me and are two of my best friends. I am also thankful that I am halfway done with my trips to Selma. Finally, I am thankful that Brun can hang out with his grandparents and “cousin dogs” while I am busy traveling for work.

I hope you all had wonderful weeks! For more Weekend Reflections, be sure to visit Judi.


Leslie said...

I am glad that you got to sleep in Saturday, and that you are halfway done with the Selma travel!

Amberly said...

I have to "amen" the part about your parents. They are pretty awesome!

Sonya said...

Glad you had a good week. Sounds like you were very productive! It's so nice that your parents would keep your dog for you! I hope he is having fun with them and I know he'll be happy to get home and see you again!

annie said...

It's great to enjoy your parents. I love mine too!
Have a great week!