Friday, May 4, 2007

7 Things About Me

Amberly tagged me for this meme where you write seven facts or habits about yourself. My goal is to list seven things that Amberly and Leslie don't already know about me. My guess is that Leslie knows most (if not all) of these and Amberly knows the majority of them... but oh well... here goes:

  1. When I eat, I eat in order. I eat all of one thing on my plate and then move to the next item. I try to save the best for last... whether that is the entree or a side item. I do this with almost every meal that I eat.
  2. I have no sense of smell. No one knows why... they did CAT scans of my head but never figured anything out. This doesn't really bother me most of the time and Amberly's husband thinks it is awesome trait to have... no guy's dirty laundry or bathroom habits or any baby's poopie diapers will ever bother me.
  3. The first concert I ever went to was Matchbox 20 at Oak Mountain in Birmingham. I think I was in the 10th or 11th grade. I had gone to lots of outdoor concert/festivals before that time, but this was the first time I went to a "real" concert. I went with a bunch of kids from church when you could still sit on the lawn.
  4. When I was in the first grade I went to my school's Halloween Carnival. I had a yellow fairy princess dress that my mom made... complete with tall, pointy hat and a wand with an aluminum foil covered star on the end. I don't remember if I was embarrassed or didn't like the costume or what but I did NOT want to participate in the costume contest. My parents forced me to enter and I won first prize. Looking back on it now, the costume was awesome!
  5. I only drink two types of drinks... water and Coke (and a Pepsi if there is no other option). I do NOT drink the diet versions... only the real thing. My favorite water is Aquafina and there are some types of bottled water that I won't drink. As for coke... I prefer fountain cokes poured over "good" ice. And by "good" ice I mean the ice pellets like they have at Sonic.
  6. To this day, if I am flipping through the TV with nothing in particular to watch I will stop on any episode of Full House and watch it. I have seen every episode MULTIPLE times (I can even quote some of them) but this does not stop me.
  7. I still take Flinstones vitamins. I have tried taking adult vitamins but they make my stomach hurt and I don't like them. Because of this I end up not taking them... so I stick with the children's vitamins... at least I usually remember to take that.

Most of the people that I would tag for this have already been tagged... but feel free to play along if you would like. Let me know if you play so I can learn more about you too.


Amberly said...

Flintstones?? For real?? And I'm so jealous that you saw Matchbox 20. I LOVE THEM! What I really mean is that I love their "Yourself or Someone Like You" cd. I don't really know any of their other stuff. But we bought the tape while in college and listened to it until it broke. Now I have the cd and pop it in when I'm on a roadtrip by myself, which isn't often!

Anonymous said...

I eat things in order too! When my husband and I were dating, his family thought I was so weird for doing that! I am glad to know I am not alone!

Leslie said...

how oblivious am I that I did not know eat one items at a time?! Come to think of it, that makes sense, but I totally did not put that together!

Totallyscrappy said...

I thought I was the only one that couldn't take vitamins! When I was pregnant with my second son I figured out that it was the prenatal vitamins that were making me sick. Phew. The midwife suggested Flinstones!