Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wedding Bells

No they most definitely were not my own wedding bells... but tonight it was time for a wedding. I have to start by saying that I really don't like weddings. I certainly support the institution of marriage, but the idea of big, fancy weddings is just not my thing. I mean no offense to those of you had that had a big, fancy wedding but they just aren't for me. I tell my friends quite often that if they will just elope I will buy them a nicer present because I don't have to worry about going to the wedding. No one has taken me up on it yet. :-)

But as the calendar turns to May it was time for the first wedding of the summer. I do have to say that this is the first wedding in a long time that I wasn't completely dreading attending. The wedding was for one of my brother's best friends. My brother, Wren, and Bryan, the groom, have been best friends since they were little boys... probably 20 years or more.

Bryan's father is a pilot and so they moved around fairly often, but his career path brought them to my hometown several times when we were growing up... and most of our younger years were spent living in the same town and going to the same church. Our families were (and still are) good friends but Wren and Bryan have done a better job keeping in touch than the rest of us have.

There is no way to describe the relationship that Wren and Bryan have other than total love for each other. I have so many great memories growing up that involve Bryan as he and Wren spent many, many days together. I remember the days when Wren and Bryan were about six years old and Bryan didn't talk (at least not around my family) and Wren had to talk for him... I remember spending time at the various houses that they lived in in my hometown... I remember helping them pack and unpack as they moved around... and I remember when Wren and Bryan roomed together their first semester in college.

Bryan and his family have held... and always will hold a special place in my heart. And so tonight I wasn't dreading the wedding. Bryan found a very special girl named Haley and I am sure that they are going to be happy together.

Earlier today I found this picture (Bryan is on the left and Wren is on the right):

And later tonight I took this picture (Wren is on the left and Bryan is on the right):

In some ways it is as if no time has passed between the two pictures... but alas, 20 years have flown by. And while Wren and Bryan will still love each other as only best friends can... Bryan has found Haley and has chosen to love her and devote his life to her. I wish them only the best as they begin their life together.

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