Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Favorites: Shampoo and Conditioner

You know that when you get a hair cut they usually try to sell you hair products while you are there. Given that I had a haircut this week I would say that I have had shampoo and conditioner on the brain.

I have tried a lot of expensive shampoos and conditioners but none of them have worked for me. For me, Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume shampoo and conditioner are the perfect fit.

With curly, relatively thin hair these products seem to work great! They keep my hair from getting tangled or too frizzy or too flat. It's not the most expensive brand and it's not the cheapest but it is definitely my favorite.

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Amberly said...

Lovely! You can get away with being blonder this time of year! Besides, it looks great!

Amberly said...

Oops! I left that comment on the wrong post! Anyway, I like Pantene too, but I'm a constant switcher. I never buy the same shampoo/conditioner two times in a row. And my shampoo and conditioner have to be the same brand. Also, I set up a Mr. Linky for Friday Favorites. See if it works! :)

jdoriot said...

I'm like Amberly, I do a lot of switching too but Pantene is one of my favorites...I love the way it smells!