Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday: 16

I am once again late in this post but I want to play anyways. :-) I was 16 in 1995. It was the second half of my sophomore year and the first half of my junior year of high school. I am out of town at the moment so I can't go flip through pictures or my yearbooks from 1995 to refresh my memory... so I may be a little short on details of that year.

Unlike most of you, I didn't want to drive when I turned 16 and I actually didn't get my driver's license until after I turned 17. This was not because my parents didn't want me to drive... but because I didn't want to drive. I had known of a couple of people killed in car crashes... and that scared me... but more than that, I really didn't mind having people drive me around. My parents lived about 30 minutes away from school (and everything else) so if I didn't have to drive myself to school I could get in a quick nap on the way. :-) Lazy I know but it worked out for me. I now drive all the time for my job and for my own personal travel so I don't regret the fact that I postponed it a year.

In 10th grade I was in the high school spring musical for the third year in a row. This year it was West Side Story. The guy who played Tony could not sing and it was not the best production ever done. We had a senior that showed up to play practice drunk... bad move on his part... he got kicked out of school just before graduation. I also had a solo in the play... which was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. We performed the play outside on the lawn of the school and the stage was only slightly higher than the ground. Well on the first night of the show a little kid took off across the stage in the middle of my solo. Everyone in the audience started laughing... fortunately I knew what was happening so I knew they weren't laughing at me but I had trouble not laughing myself. From what I remember I was pretty successful at that.

In 10th grade I took my first AP class... AP European History taught my Mr. Rudd. Not my favorite class in the world but I got college credit for it so I can't complain. I also had Biology with Miss McConnell who will always be one of my favorite teachers of all time. I did enjoy the dissecting part of this class however.

I think that 10th grade was my last year in Chorus... I know I was on the Science Olympiad team (one of my favorite activities) and several other things that escape me at the moment.

During the second half of 1995 I was in 11th grade. I was on the Newspaper staff and took classes like American history and Chemistry. I can sing but I cannot act... but they still gave me a part in the high school fall play that year.

I can't think of anything else too memorable about 1995 but here were some of the top movies:

Toy Story - As was (and still is) our family tradition we saw this on Thanksgiving night in the theatre. I still love this movie.
Batman Forever
Jumanji - I hated this movie.
Crimson Tide

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Amberly said...

You're definitely right about the "I can sing" part! :) You make me feel a little old--I had been married almost a year when you turned 16! Of course, I was just a babe then, so maybe I don't feel TOO old!

annie said...

I am still stuck on the woot monkeys... I think I even dreamed about them last night because I showed them to my daughter Amanda before bed :o). She wants me to get her one of course (she is 16.)
Anyway, Amanda wasn't too quick to drive either, she is almost 17 (july) and is just now driving. I am glad she wasn't too pushy about it. She is also the AP girl. She sounds a lot like you.
Your west side story story sounds interesting.
You are so young.
Thanks for playing, It was fun to learn more about you.

Anonymous said...

I feel old too! I was a junior in college, though I was not an old married lady like you know who. :) This was so fun to read!