Saturday, May 12, 2007

Photo Hunters: Five

Here is a picture of five of Brun's favorite toys. This was not an easy picture to take by the way... when I started moving the toys around Brun wanted to play with all of them.

Number 1 is Pink Dog. Pink Dog was his first toy and it is probably his favorite. Leslie brought him over to the house on the night that I brought Brun home. Pink Dog is currently in the dog toy hospital as Brun has ripped his head open... but he has been repaired once and he will be repaired again.

Number 2 is Eggplant. Eggplant has been repaired numerous times and is now missing his arms and his "stem." I love eggplant because instead of the normal high pitched squeak that most dog toys make, eggplant makes a grunting noise.

Number 3 is Purple Elephant. This is a fluffy favorite that came from Wal-Mart I believe.

Number 4 is Froggie. Froggie is technically a beanie baby toy for dogs and he is a favorite around our house.

Number 5 is Green Bear. Green Bear was another gift from Leslie in Brun's Easter Basket last year. You can tell from his dingy color that he is well loved.

Brun has bunches and bunches of toys... more than any dog could ever need but these are his five favorites.

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Leslie said...

what a super idea!

i think i can picture exactly how hard it was to take this photo :)

Anonymous said...

CUTE! I am glad he let you get the shot!

Vader's Mom said...

Fun idea! Does Brun rotate his favorite toys? Vader plays with three at a time...then he will rotate two of them out and get two new ones to play with...he always has his Fuzzy Buddy, it's the one that never goes out of rotation. Otherwise, it depends on the week. It was really hard packing him for his nana. I was afraid it was time for toy rotation again! :)

Drew said...

Good image for the hunt.