Saturday, April 7, 2007

Busy Saturday

What a great day! I am in my hometown for the Easter weekend... so that led to a busy Saturday. Early Saturday morning (or "early" for this non-morning person) my parents and I headed to Nathan's baseball game. Let me just say that if it is 40 degrees outside with a 10+ mph wind... all little league games should be cancelled! It was SOOOOOO cold! We all did our best to bundle up and keep our booties from freezing to the cold metal bleachers.

Here is the hearty crowd that braved the cold to cheer Nathan on. In the back row is my dad, Mr. John and Mrs. Betty. In the middle row is Amberly, Abby Grace and Tiara. On the bottom row is my mom and Sarah.

Nathan played a great game and the team gave it their all. Unfortunately it was not one for the win column... but they all seemed to have a good time. Here's a picture of Nathan up to bat.

After the game and after warming up a little bit, I tried to get some shopping done. I am not a big shopper but my hometown has better stores than the college town where I live, so I needed to get a wedding present for an upcoming shower and I needed to look for some clothes for me for work. I accomplished the wedding present purchase but no luck on the clothes for me.

After my brief shopping excursion I headed over to Sarah's house to get ready for the party. My dilema from earlier in the week continued and I never decided what to wear. So I decided to bring Sarah three options and let her decide for me. No surprise to me... she picked out my prom dress from ten years ago. It was definitely the fanciest of the three options... and I'm just glad that it still fit!

The party was a lot of fun! All of the guests looked beautiful and I think everyone had a great time. If you haven't seen it, click on over to Amberly's blog for some great pictures and a recap.

I'm usually not much for having my picture taken but here is a picture of Sarah and I in our fancy clothes. Looks like it is time for some new highlights for this "bottle blonde." :-)

Abby Grace tried to avoid having her picture taken but I caught her in this one. She borrowed Amberly's camera which probably resulted in some interesting pictures.

Thanks to Sarah for inviting me to her party. It was a lot of fun to dress up and hang out with a bunch of sweet girls. They definitely kept me entertained and smiling the whole time.


Amberly said...

Great pictures! Thanks so much for coming to our "little girls'" party! It was sweet of you to spend your afternoon with us and I enjoyed having another adult in the house! :)

Anonymous said...

You had a great weekend! We had a 33 degree ballgame yesterday, so I can certainly understand how you felt! Looks like the tea party was so fun!

Vader's Mom said...

You looked beautiful at the party! Sounds like a really fun weekend!!

Starbaby said...

Wow - you look lovely and the pix on Amberly's and your blog are super! Looked like alot of fun - makes me miss my girls even more!!!