Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weekend Reflections

This has been a super busy week. Monday was a fairly typical work day but then I headed back to my hometown Monday night for work on Tuesday.

On Tuesday I had to work in my hometown until mid afternoon and then I had head to south Alabama for work there on Wednesday. On Wednesday I worked in South Alabama and then drove to West Alabama for work that afternoon. By Wednesday night I finally got to come home. I made it to church that night but that was about all I did. I fell asleep Wednesday night laying in bed watching TV and apparently I was so tired I never moved and slept the whole night holding the remote.

Thursday I was in the office for about an hour and then it was back to my hometown for a work meeting. This was just a day trip and fortunately I did not have to drive. By Thursday night I was finally back home and so glad to be there. I don't remember accomplishing anything Thursday night other than watching TV and cooking mac and cheese for dinner. This doesn't sound nutritious to most (and it probably isn't) but after having to eat out most of the week I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Friday I was honestly glad to be back in the office to try and catch up on things. Mid morning my brother (who works in the same office) came in my office and said that he wasn't going to be getting much work done because Friday was a Woot off. If you have never heard of a Woot off I have to refer you to Normally on Woot, they have one deal per day and they sell them until they are gone. When the deal sells out you have to wait for the next day for the next deal. Some of the specials are great and some of them are for things you would never need.

Well when they have a Woot Off they have constant deals. When one deal sells out they immediately put up another one. Some sell out very quickly (in only a minute or two) and some take hours. This process usually goes on for 24-72 hours in order to help clean out the Woot warehouse. My brother got some great deals on the last Woot off so I immediately became distracted by this and spent much of late Friday morning and afternoon watching the Woot off.

Friday for lunch, my brother and I met Leslie, ToolMan and CRB at a local restaurant. It was yummy... but then it was back to the office and back to watching Woot. I actually did get some work done but not as much as I had planned to. :-)

Friday night Leslie called to see if I wanted to come over for dinner... so I went over to their house for dinner and to spend the evening with them. I probably wasn't the best guest because I was still watching the Woot off... fortunately they became intrigued as well. I actually didn't buy anything during all of this time but it was a lot of fun to watch. Then at 9 something Friday night this came up on the Woot off. It signals the end of the Woot off and immediately clicked the link to buy. I got three!! Yea!! They sold 10,000 of them in less than two minutes so I was fortunate to get them. I am keeping one for me but I will have to decide what to do with the other two.

Today has been a relatively lazy day at home. I love my family, I love my friends, I love my dog and I love my roommate but none of them are here today and I am okay with that. I have been in my pajamas all day long and I haven't left the house. I have cleaned, watched TV, done a little work (to help make up for the time spent watching the Woot off on Friday) and worked on some sewing projects.

To name a few things that I am thankful for... I am thankful that I have a good job... even when it does force me travel. I am thankful that I had safe trips driving all over the state this week. I am thankful that I got three screaming monkeys in the Woot off :-) and I am thankful for lazy days at home.

I hope everyone else had a great week! For more Weekend Reflections, visit Judi at Mommy of Two.


Amberly said...

You bought 3 screaming monkeys??? What in the world are they for? Am I missing something?? Are they purely for amusement or do they serve a purpose?

Lu said...

Ha! Ha! Great story!

JennaG said...

Wow, what a busy week. So, you're from Alabama. I live in the next state over--Mississippi. I enjoyed reading about your week--never heard of Woot. So sorry about stealing your favorite for next week. Please forgive!

annie said...

I have never heard of woot either, and it seems a little confusing? Maybe it's just me :o)
Sounds like a great week, love your dog! I need to find one of those for Izzy.

Kerri said...

The monkeys don't really have a purpose. They are just a limited edition collectors item. You could buy them for $2 each in the woot off and they are already selling for $20+ on ebay.

Anonymous said...

Whew, I was worn out just reading about your week! I will have to check out the Woot thing! I hope you have a great week this week!

Anonymous said...

Wow! After driving all over Alabama this week, I guess you were glad for a little alone time at home! I hope you are having a good Sunday!

lizard queen said...

I am going to have to check out this Woot stuff!

When I first joined the company I work for, I covered AZ, NM, and El Paso in texas. I drove everywhere. I was gone 70% of the time. Everyone thought it was glamorous..staying in nice hotels, eating out. But it is a lonely life, sometimes. Good to do while you are young and single!

Safe Travels to you!