Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Poor Brun

Today was a day that comes in the life of every dog... usually on a yearly basis. It was time for Brun's annual checkup and shots. He hates going to the vet with a passion... which is probably my fault. I have never boarded him but I do take him and leave him for the day on occasion to be washed and have his nails cut. This has apparently caused him to have a problem with separation anxiety when he thinks we are getting close to the vet. We go to a wonderful vet who has a great staff, and they all really love the dogs... but this doesn't seem to matter one bit to Brun.

I have to practically drag him in the door and tell him the whole time that I won't leave him. Nevertheless, whenever he gets a chance he tries to bolt towards the car. So on top of his anxiety about being there, he has to stand on a cold vet table and get two big ole shots plus go through some other things that don't look very pleasant. This does not make me a particularly popular "doggie mom." He got a great report and actually seems to be feeling just fine but I will have to work on making this up to him. Hopefully he will forgive me soon. :-)

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Vader's Mom said...

Oh poor guy! At least he only has to go once a year.

I wish I had some tips for you, but Vader adores the vet, the groomers and practically anyone else. The vet has commented that not many dogs wag their tails through their shots. They have a hard time holding his rear still :)