Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Reflections

Well it's been another good week... nothing particularly bad that I remember so that is always an accomplishment.

Last Sunday I came back home from my weekend trip to my hometown. Monday wasn't a great day but then Monday night I headed back to my hometown for work on Tuesday. I took advantage of being in my hometown and participating in a smocking class on Monday night. On Tuesday I taught a class for work in my hometown and then came back home. I was in the office the rest of the week and it was pretty routine.

Tuesday night and Wednesday night were spent at church. We had a Gospel Meeting the first of last week and heard some wonderful lessons that I know I needed to hear.

On Thursday night my parents came into town pretty late but after they got here we decided to give Brun a haircut. He had been in need of one for quite some time and by the time we finished it looked like a dog exploded in the back yard... not that I really know what that looks like but you get the picture. He looks so much better and younger somehow. I will try to get a good picture of him sometime... he wasn't very cooperative this weekend.

Friday night after work I had dinner with my family, my brother's girlfriend, Leslie, ToolMan and CRB. It was a bit chaotic at the local Pizza Hut with our big group but it was a lot of fun. After dinner my weekend of crafting started up.

My mom brought her sewing machine to me and so I worked on several embroidery and craft projects. I embroidered a pillow case for a friend for a gift she needed, a t-shirt for CRB, and made and embroidered some receiving blankets for a diaper cake that I made on Saturday. I also worked on my smocking.

On Saturday morning I got up and cleaned the yard (one of the joys of having a doggie and a fenced back yard), washed the dog (another doggie mom pleasure) and got back to my weekend crafting projects. I spent part of the afternoon at my brother's house (which is technically my grandparent's old house) and helped my parents with some painting in the basement.

So it was a fairly mundane week but a good one. I like being able to finish projects and mark things off of my list. I was able to do that with a number of things at work and with my own projects. Of course the list for this coming week is already growing but hopefully this week will be as productive as the last.
I hope everyone else had a great week... go visit Judi for more Weekend Reflections.


Amberly said...

Abby Grace loves the Backyardigans pillow! She's barely put it down! Thanks!

Kerri said...

Thanks for reminding me Amberly! I'm glad she likes it. I forgot to put that on my list... I also made a Backyardigans pillow case for Amberly's youngest and put her name on it.

Anonymous said...

I admire your talents! Do you embroider/make diaper bags and purses? I would love to buy one from you if you do. Sounds like a super busy week to me! Hope you get all of your goals accomplished this week and have a blessed week!