Friday, April 6, 2007

Made Me Smile

So last night I had gone out to a local fast food place to pick up some dinner. I'm not much of a cook and a lot of times it is easier to eat out than try to cook something. So when I got to the drive through window to pay, a young man (probably about high school age) was standing behind the guy taking my money. I didn't pay that much attention to him until he started waving at me. So I politely waved back and smiled. After I got my food and was about to pull away the waving guy came closer to the window and stopped me. He reached through the window, handed me a piece of chocolate cake and said to have a nice night.

This made me smile and it made my night... and I really enjoyed the cake once I got home.

Have a great Friday!


Amberly said...

Sounds like he might've been hitting on you! :)

lizard queen said...

hey, the way to my heart would be with a piece of chocolate cake!

Vader's Mom said...

How sweet!