Sunday, April 15, 2007

Photo Hunters: Hobby

Okay I know I am technically too late to participate in photo hunters this week but I wanted to play anyways. This is one of my newest hobbies and the reason I didn't really have a chance to post earlier this weekend:

I have WAYYYYYY too many hobbies. Anyone who has set foot in my extra bedroom can attest to that fact. It is a bit overrun with all of my project materials. How does the saying go... "jack of all trades, master of none." Sometimes that's how I feel... but I enjoy them all so I keep adding to the list.

Sewing is definitely my latest hobby... but really it is more machine embroidery and not so much sewing... but I am working on the learning to sew part of it. The picture above is actually of my mom's machine but I have certainly used it more than she has.

In addition to that I scrapbook, knit, paint crafty things, make wreaths on occasion, take lots of pictures... and there are probably 10 other things I have forgotten. If you want to check out some of the other photo hunters (who probably weren't as late as me) :-) go here.


Starbaby said...

Speaking as the master "JOAT-MON" - I now dub you as "Passionate Participant" in the crafting world!!! teeheehee!!! Seriously, you are truly magnificient in all areas - give yourself some slack. Serging will come along with practice as your other skills have!
I have enjoyed watching you blossom into the young lady you are today...OBTW - Sherry was tickled with t he embroidery on the baby gifts! Made her feel extra-special because of your extra-special "perfection" (or passion to detail!)

Amberly said...

I hope to be joining you in your sewing abilities soon! I think things may have settled down enough here that I might could squeeze in a lesson in the near future! :)

Vader's Mom said...

Fun! I'm glad you played. It was a lot of fun learning about others hobbies this week.